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Author A. A. Lewis

The Proposal Gift Bag

The Proposal Gift Bag

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Unleash your desires with The Proposal Book Series Reader Gift Bag; curated collection designed to ignite your passions and immerse you in the captivating world of Brick Woodward and Apryl Sharpe. The Gift Bag is a condensed version of The Proposal Series Reader Box. Now, don't let wording fool you!  This exclusive bag includes copies of *The Dom* and *The Banker*, and everything needed to take you on an unforgettable journey of power, control, and forbidden romance.

Enhance your reading experience with a BDSM Starter Kit, perfect for exploring your wild side and indulging in new fantasies The Proposal Gift Bag includes elegant bookmarks, adult toys, and so much more. 

Dive into the world of *The Dom* and *The Banker*, and let The Proposal Book Series reader gift bag provide everything you need to live vicariously through the provocative lives of Brick Woodward and Apryl Sharpe. Embrace the thrill, passion, and excitement that await you in this all-inclusive reader experience.

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