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The M&M Chronicles Vol 1

The M&M Chronicles Vol 1

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The M&M Chronicles
The Married Men Chronicles Vol. 1

What happens when four best friends venture into business together? The unimaginable.
Donovan, Jamal, Marquis, and Demitrius are the proud owners of the exclusive men’s club The Phoenix. From the outside the club looks like your regular men’s only social club, but inside it’s a different story. If you are so lucky to qualify for the exclusive membership that goes for a whopping $50,000 per year, you are treated to the experience of a lifetime.
The Phoenix is the brainchild of Donovan James, a married successful business owner with a young family. You would think that Donovan would be happy living the life he always dreamt of. But that wasn’t enough for him or his boys. After years of habitual cheating, side chick drama, and one-night stands, Donovan created the ultimate men’s fantasy, The Phoenix. The Phoenix is the playground for distinguished men on the hunt for any and everything other than their wives. It is the gateway to unspeakable pleasures, a place for men to be men, without the worry of phone cameras, invasion of privacy, side chicks playing games, and most importantly no wives.

The Phoenix provided Donovan, Jamal, Demitrius, and Marquis the place to be free. Yeah, they were married, but they were men first. And just like when they were young, they kept each other’s secrets and had each other’s back. Except now, they had a place to just let it all hang out.

With the membership growing, and the constant flow of money coming in from The Phoenix, what could go wrong? A lot! Find out what happens when you create the ultimate playground for adultery, secrets, lies, and lust. The M & M Chronicles takes you on the journey of the secret lives of married men.

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