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Author A. A. Lewis

The M.I.L / The Mother-In- Law

The M.I.L / The Mother-In- Law

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Veronica Daniels was a woman who relied on her good looks and wit to get her everything she wanted in life. Ever since she was a child, her mother, along with everyone she knew, told her as much. “You’re so beautiful, or You’re the prettiest girl in the room or her personal favorite compliment; one day you’re going to break a lot of hearts.” Veronica reveled in those compliments. So much so that she believed every single word that had been spoken about her looks. She had learned to charm the country as an adorable pageant winner. Her well-maintained hair, beautiful custom dresses and charismatic smile won the hearts of many. Veronica learned at a very young age that she had a way with words. Her well-thought-out responses, or the tone and delivery of her words, landed on all those listening which usually resulted in getting her way.


Life had been good to Veronica. She had been married four times and managed to outlive all of her husbands. Her ability to catch the big whale, some would say was luck, but not Veronica. It was an art; one she had perfectly crafted over the years. The formula: One-part brains, one-part sex, and two parts beauty, because according to Veronica no man wants an ugly duckling who was too smart for her own good. And hell, even she knew every woman had a vagina, so sex would one get a man to the bedroom, but to get the whole house and the ring you needed to be pretty in the face and small in the waist. And since Veronica had managed to marry some of the most eligible wealthy men around, she might be on to something.


Until now, Veronica was in a class of her own all by herself, that is until she gave birth to her daughters, Shandral, Stephanie, and Skylar. The Daniel sisters were heartbreakers. From day one, they stole their father’s heart. Their beauty surpassed their mothers. And before long, Veronica noticed just how much of her desired attention was stolen by her daughters. It wasn’t just her husband, but others noticed the girls' beauty, especially as they grew up. As the Daniel sisters matured, so did their beauty. They were breathtakingly gorgeous and a threat to their mother’s existence.


Not to be outdone, Veronica Daniels will always have the last word. With money, power and beauty on her side, nothing will stop her from being the most beautiful woman in the room and the desire of every man she encounters.

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