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The Last Letter

The Last Letter

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The Last Letter

By A.A. Lewis 

Narrated by D. Lewis The Narrator and A.A. Lewis 

Vows are never meant to be broken. But what happens when life deals you a hand that you are not prepared to play. Tracy and Derrick Montgomery were the epitomai of a modern-day power couple. They had it all, the house, the careers, and a marriage most everyone envied. Then one day, without warning, everything changed. What happens when love is not enough to conquer all? How do you fight for your marriage when the enemy is something you cannot see? How can one learn to forgive their spouse when their past and future collide unexpectedly? Tracy Montgomery is about to find out the answers to these questions and more. Tracy’s journey will force her to confront her own demons, and hopefully, lead her on a path of healing, love, and forgiveness.


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