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The Dark Side of Light

The Dark Side of Light

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The Dark Side Of Light
A. A. Lewis

Toni Wright was one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. The problem with that statement is Toni AKA Anthony Markel Wright wasn’t always who she claimed to be. At an incredibly early age, Anthony knew he was different. Despite the abuse and slander, he was determined to be himself even if that meant turning his back on everyone and thing in his life.
Turning his tormented past into the present-day glamourous life was no easy task. Yes, changing his name to reflect the person he had become was the easy part, everything else came with a price. And after all the games, scams, and deadly consequences associated with Toni’s quest to be free, she finds herself in the most unlikely place, prison. No, not a women’s prison, but a man’s prison.

Not willing to accept defeat, Toni plots out a plan to ensure her survival. In a system that wants to remind Toni of her past, she is determined to cause chaos and havoc all in the name of letting people know just who she really is.
Toni Wright is truly a bad bitch, with one thing on her mind, Money, Power, and Respect. Prison doesn’t stop her quest to be seen, it just gives her a new playground to operate under. And since survival is key, Toni devises a plan to do just that and more.

A.A. Lewis brings the drama with The Dark Side of Light. This complicated tale explores the world of transgender identification in the most unlikely places. A. A. delivers the drama, grit, and plot twists that her readers have come to expect. A. A. Lewis introduces you to Toni Wright the new bad bitch on the block in this one-of-a-kind tale.

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