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Author A. A. Lewis



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The Banker

The Proposal Series

A.A. Lewis .

Apryl Sharpe has weathered heartbreaks in her past, Brick Woodward being just another man who made promises and shattered them. Unfazed by the familiar disappointment, Apryl, a woman of strength and grace, refuses to let her history with Brick impede her progress. Equipped with the tools, contacts, and a growing book of business to elevate her career, Apryl recognizes the demand for someone with her unique skills and talents.

Brick Woodward introduced Apryl to a world she never knew existed, one beyond the lavish parties and material possessions. In this realm of BDSM, Apryl mastered the dynamics of submission and dominance. Realizing the potential of her specialized skills, she sets out to establish herself as the leader of her own sexual empire. With a clientele of wealthy men, including those introduced by Brick, Apryl aims to maintain her accustomed lifestyle.

Navigating the challenges of dominating both the boardroom and the bedroom, Apryl enjoys financial success and sexual conquests. However, as her past catches up with her, threatening to unveil her secrets, Apryl faces the risk of losing it all. Amidst the web of sex, lies, and spankings, she must strive to keep her thriving business intact. Faced with threats from her past, and familiar faces,  Apryl decides to set the record straight, hoping it's worth the effort.

"The Banker" is the second installment in The Proposal Series, where A. A. Lewis continues the saga with Apryl Sharpe taking the lead. This time, the dynamics of BDSM world become even more electrifying with a woman at the helm. A.A. Lewis maintains their signature style, delivering a narrative filled with drama, sensuality, and unexpected twists. "The Banker" promises a scintillating and enthralling experience, ensuring that fans of The Proposal Series will not be disappointed.

Trigger Warnings

This story contains the following trigger warnings; Kidnapping, Racial Bias, Strong Sexual Content, Bondage and Infidelity. If the following triggers cause unwanted trauma for you, PLEASE STOP! Do Not continue with reading this book. If you insist on proceeding, please do so at your own risk.

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