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Author A. A. Lewis

Giving My All To You

Giving My All To You

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Giving My All To You

A.A. Lewis


Deshawn Baugh had a past that resembled a street-lit novel. Deshawn was “The Man” in his younger years. He was a certified boss in the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Everyone on the west side of the state knew his name and feared his wrath. The ladies loved him and his crew was loyal to him. That all changed when he was sentenced to a fifteen-year bid on a kingpin charge.

With twenty-five years to re-evaluate his life, Deshawn set out to turn things around. If he ever had the chance to do things over, he promised himself he would in every respect. So when the day arrived and Deshawn was discharged from Richard Handlon Correctional Facility, he had only one thing on his mind and that was being the best version of himself.

Evette Watts was unapologetically the boogie black girl. She earned the right to be called that. Evette held an MBA, MS- Marketing, and her coveted AMEX Black Card. She secured her dream job and was living the life she always wanted. Well, almost. Despite her many attempts at finding a stable, six-figured, educated black man, Evette was single. She had profiles on every dating site, been on countless outings, and yet she still came home alone. Heartbreak after heartbreak led Evette to almost give up on finding true love. That all changed when she met Deshawn Baugh.

A.A. Lewis’s realistic journey of love unfolds as Deshawn and Evette’s relationship play out in this unique tale. Deshawn and Evette’s relationship brings all the drama, sex and past baggage to the forefront as they attempt to merge their two very different worlds. Do they have what it takes to make it work or will they allow their past to impede their happily ever after?


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